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  • We were referred to Jacob for our mortgage needs when we purchased our house recently. He was truly the highlight of our entire home purchasing process - he provided sound advice, was extremely polite and was professional in his approach and to top it all got us a very good rate. He is not only very... Read More
  • Can’t thank Zubair, Surrayya and Shailly enough for the amazing, professional and detailed service they provided to my wife and I over the last several weeks. The entire team at Mortgage Squad is incredibly friendly, courteous and professional. We met with a few different mortgage brokers prior t... Read More
  • I am a mortgage agent linked to mortgage squad . The best thing is the mortgage squad members work as a team .Zubair , surrayya , shailly are reallhelpful and supportive to ttheir agents . They treat their agents as a family member. I am very happy to be a part of mortgage squad.
  • It was great experience to sign up with Mortgage Squad as a new agent. They are very professional. They provide excellent guidance to their agents,I Highly Recommended
  • I have dealt with Jacob at mortgage squad. He has always helped me with my mortgage needs. As I am self employed and my wife has a job it is a bit challenging to qualify for a large sum. Jacob’s expertise have not only helped me with my mortgage but also helped me pay a big chunk back faster. He h... Read More

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